getting the most engagement and traffic to your blog depends on how well your content is written. Content can make or break a blog. That is why it is important to know what people are interested in your niche. Knowing how to write amazing content will get people to read your entire post and continue to come back to your blog!

I put together the top 4 things that I do with every blog post and I continually get people to read another post on our blog because we make our post relevant to what people are looking for!

I hope you enjoy!

1.Write Things That People Want To Read About

There are many niches out there that you can write about. The top 3 categories that anyone wants to know more about is health, wealth and, relationships. Now I am not saying that you have to write about something you don’t enjoy.

But it is important to know what people are looking for and what the problem is that they want to be solved. An easy way to see what is trending or most popular in your niche is to check out trending ideas on Pinterest.

Go to your Pinterest and if your blog is about cats then type in cats in the search bar. Below will have different keywords that people are looking up. Scroll through and see what are the most popular pins and write something based on those most popular pins.

Another idea is to go to your Pinterest and click on the search bar until the white drop down pops up. At the bottom of the white drop down it says treading ideas. Now you can click on any of those ideas and see what others are writing about.

2. Titles Matter!

There are such things as boring titles! Your title is a short sentence about what your post is about. The title is important because they are the first thing that people are going to see. If you do not get people interested in the title they will not read the post. Take this for example and see which one sounds better:

Learn how to start a blog


Learn the 5 best ways to start a profitable blog

Doesn’t the second one sound so much better! Name your title the solution to peoples problems. Take the example I gave you. There are many people who are trying to find out how they can make money blogging.

When it comes to the title of your post really think about it. Don’t just throw a title up!

3. Include How To’s And Problem-Solving

Any time you write about how someone can do something or solve a problem your post will flourish! Think about why you google or read others blogs? I know I hop on the internet when I am trying to solve a problem or learn how to do something.

If your blog is about cats one of your blog posts could be 10 Ways To Keep Cat Hair From Getting On Everything! Then in your post, you give 10 ways someone can try to keep their cat hair from getting on everything.

For problem-solving post talk about what a problem is and then list ways to solve the problem. (Hint: people love a list because it is a quick way to see solutions!)

4. Add High-Quality Images

You know the saying “pictures are worth a thousand words” it’s true.! You can use pictures in your text to convey feelings and emotions to what your post is about. I usually put 2-3 images in my post unless I am using pictures to explain how to do something.

Add images that are small and some that are big. That way it’s changing up how your post looks. People will get bored if your post looks boring. So adding images is a fantastic way to add color, creativity, and feelings in your post!

Practice makes perfect! When you do all four of these tips into your post you will find that your posts no longer look boring but something worth reading! If you have favorite bloggers look at there post to see how they write a post. Doing this gives you an example of how to make your posts. My husband and I always say stop reinventing the wheel. Find what is working for others and model it, not COPY! but model.

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Kara is a co-founder of the Dollar Mommy Club, The Money Making Momma, and a full-momma and who loves every minute of it. Ever since she was a little girl (around two years old actually) she has wanted a baby of her own. She even asked her mom for “a crying and pooping baby doll” for Christmas when she was just 6 years old. Certain events took place to where Kara was diagnosed with Endometriosis, and doctors told her that having her own children might be impossible. She spent years trying to figure out her health by trying everything under the sun that you can think of. It wasn’t until a few years after she was married that both she and her husband figured it out, and they were blessed with their first baby girl! When Kara isn’t managing the Dollar Mommy Club and it’s wonderful members and contributors, she enjoys spending time with family, binge-watching The Office on Netflix, and creating art.


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