About Me

Hey There! I’m Kara

Thanks for stopping by! I am excited to let you know a little more about me and what I blog about!

Kara Ferwerda is a place for mom to learn how to start their own profitable blog and know how to balance the work/ mom life! 

I am a stay at home mom who blogs for a living.

After I discovered I had endometriosis and a year of trying to conceive my sweet husband and I was blessed with our daughter Bobbie on July 22, 2017. Once I saw her for the first time I knew that I needed to stay home with her. My husband worked a very successful job and he currently runs his own digital marketing business on the side.

After a few months as a stay at home mom, I was getting bored. Yup, I said it! I was bored out of my mind. What I like to call it is bored mom syndrome. It wasn’t t like I didn’t enjoy being a stay at home mom but I really needed to do something. Whether it was crafts, reading, or painting I knew I needed to do something.

Low and behold I created my mommy club Dollar Mommy Club! I have always loved writing, babies, and motherhood. I wanted a place where moms like you could read real live motherhood stores, connect with other moms and help parents well..parent!

After launching my motherhood blog in November of 2017 it took off! I was getting thousands of views every day. After a month or two I was actually making money! Yes! I was a first-time blogger with a brand new blog making money.

I knew I wanted to share with other moms what I did that has made it possible for me to stay home with our child. I created karaferwerda.com to help moms start their own blogs and know how to manage blog/mom life.

You can check out my motherhood blog below!

Dollar Mommy Club Group 

Since starting Dollar Mommy Club it has grown to 200,000 views a month by moms like you and to 1.3 million monthly views on Pinterest!! I am excited to help you in creating your profitable mom blog!

Fun Facts: 

My husband (Tucker) and I met on a blind date. So YES! blind dates do work!

I love camping, fishing, hiking, boating really anything outside I love.

I make the BEST chocolate chip cookies.

and there is nothing more than I would rather be doing than being a wife, mom, and blogging!

Are you ready to start following me? You will learn about how to start a blog and make money even as a newbie, how to grow your Pinterest account HUGE in just a few months and how to balance mom/work life!