How To Start A Mommy Blog

starting your own mommy blog is something so new and very exciting! You might have a passion for food, lifestyle, travel or just want to share your own motherhood experiences with others. There is no better way to do that then starting your own blog. Back in the day when people started blogging it was just a place where only family and friends could see what you wrote about. Now there are more and more people wanting to spread their word to others and make money blogging!

In this post we will go over:

-how to set up your blog for hosting

– important WordPress tips

– Why you should start building your email list and much more!

But first I want you to think about why you are starting your blog? Honestly, for me, I called it the board wife/mom syndrome! My baby was a few months old and my husband I decided that I would stay home to take care of our baby. But after a while, I was kind of going stir crazy because I wasn’t interacting with adults besides my husband and I REALLY needed something to do. I have always had a passion for children, parenting and helping other moms be able to make money from home. So guess what? That is what I started to write about. After two to three months of CRAZY hard work on my blog, I started seeing the fruits of my labor because my blog went viral and I started making money!

A little hard truth are you ready for it? Blogging is not EASY. Especially if you are wanting to make money from it. Why? I call it the SEO game. Blogs are for the long term. Because with social networks like Pinterest and Google it takes time to show that your blog is an authority blog. Basically showing Pinterest and Google that your blog is important. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Google and Pinterest have a similar algorithm and Google loves websites that have been “Live” for a while and show that people are coming to your blog.

Now I promise it is not impossible to make money or even have your blog get 1,000 views per day. It just takes time and hard work. So if you are ready to spread your love with others then let’s get started on creating your killer blog!

Sign Up For Bluehost

This is a very important part! Because you need a host in order to start your blog. Hosting site such as Bluehost is like renting you a place on the internet to put your blog. Bluehost is an amazing place to have your blog hosted. It is highly recommended since a lot of bloggers use Bluehost.

The best part is that Bluehost is super easy to get set up with! Especially if you are not a tech nut like me. So it’s kind of a no-brainer!

Bluehost has three plans. I would personally go with the basic plan since you are just starting out. The basic plan is actually $3.95 a month right now WITH a FREE domain name. That is such a killer deal, so jump on that right away!

Also, if you decide to back out you will get your money back. Awesome right?

You can get started with Bluehost here right now!

Important side note: You might be thinking. “ I could sign up for a free domain account with Blogspot, WordPress or Wix” But, you DON’T WANT TO DO THIS. Why? If you want to make money from your blog you won’t be able to with a free blogging site. With free blogging sites you can not place ads, put affiliate links and most companies won’t work with you. That is why I seriously recommend signing up with Bluehost today!

You could sign up for a free blogging site and then switch to a paid hosting site. However, that is something you won’t want to do either. Why? Because it is such a hassle to switch if your blog takes off and you have a free blogging site you just potentially missed out on hundreds of dollars and free blogging sites can DELETE your site at any time for no reason. How sucky would that be! All your hard work just gone…My tummy cringes when I think about that.

The best way to start your blog is to sign up for Bluehost so that your site is secure and belongs to you!

Check out this video below to see how to get set up your Bluehost Website!

I hope signing up for your Bluehost account is easy and fun! If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

Things You Will Want To Know About WordPress

  • Make sure to install Jetpack plugin. This plugin is amazing! Jetpack will protect your website from attackers and spammers. Also, it optimizes the speed of your website and shows you your site stats. So you will see how many viewers have been on your site, where your views are coming from and how many views on your blog each post has.
  • When installing plugins you don’t need to stress! It is simple. On the sidebar of WordPress, you will see Plugins. Click on add new at the top and you will see featured, popular, recommended and favorite plugins and you can search for others as well. All you have to do is click install now, then activate it and you’re done! If you want to know what plugins you should install make sure to sign up for my FREE Busy Moms Guide To Starting A Profitable Blog Course. because I will let you know the best plugins you should install!


  • When creating a post you can click on the post in the sidebar of WordPress or you can hover over it and go to add new.
  • Media Library is where you can upload pictures and videos. You will be able to see all of the pictures and videos you have uploaded, you can edit and put your keywords.

Blog Themes

Bluehost and WordPress both have free and paid for themes that you can use for your blog. Or you can find someone on Fiverr to design a theme for you. That way is more expensive so if you are looking to have a great theme and save some money then you can use any free or pay for a theme.

I use Newspaper 8 from Envato Market. This is my favorite place to get blogging themes. Because they come will plugins for the theme and they are great on updating the themes to that work better, faster and run smoother!This is important when you get your blog up it is really important to start building your email list.

Email lists are the bread and butter of creating a successful and profitable blog. Many people wonder if they should start an email list when they are just beginning their blog and the answer is YES! With an email list, you are building loyalty with your readers and those people who are subscribed to your email list are most likely to buy something from you.

Which Email Subscriber list should you use?

You can use a free email subscriber list like GetResponse or MailChimp while you are building your list then you can move to a paid one like ConvertKit. However, It can take a few days to switch your list over to a paid email subscriber if you start building your list with a free email subscriber.

I recommend using MailChimp if you would like to start off using a free email subscriber list. MailChimp is easy to use and easy to integrate into your blog.

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If you are not wanting to go through the hassle of switching your email list over to a paid email subscriber list. I highly recommend getting ConvertKit It is very user-friendly, gives you stats on your emails and is easy to integrate into your blog.

You can check out ConvertKit here!

I am so excited for you to start your blog and see it grow and have amazing success! The blogging “world” can be very overwhelming at times. Just take it a day at a time. If you have any questions feel free to ask your question in the comments below. Also if you are really serious about creating a successful blog and would like to know more in-depth help, tips and advice on how to start a blog then make sure to sign up for my FREE Busy Moms Guide To Starting A Profitable Blog Course.