Start An Email List

I am going to guess that you have been thinking about starting an email list right?

If you are a new blogger or have been blogging for a while now I have a little secret for you!…

You’ll make money with a list!

Okay, hold up now. Maybe you are aren’t even thinking about starting an email list, let alone monetizing your blog. If you’re a mommy blog, a list is a MUST! It is one of the best things you can do.

Often times mommy bloggers don’t start a list because they think that they need a product, service, or tool. Truth is you don’t need any of that! You can make a great looking opt-in form or landing page for your readers to give their name and email in exchange for something free that you created!

Don’t think that mommy bloggers can’t have an email list because that is simply not the case! Mommy bloggers can and should have an email list!

Besides giving away something free why else do you need an email list?

Emails Help You Connect With Your Readers On A Deeper Level! 

As a mom blogger, we blog about a verity of things – from kids craft ideas, parenting tips, breastfeeding to homeschooling and more!

We spend a lot of time creating info packed post with beautiful images and Pin graphics in hopes that someone will click on it and read our post and maybe even comment (which is a huge bonus)


You want to connect with your readers. It is AMAZING when you get a comment on a post and it is even more AMAZING when someone shares your blog post. You are surprised and honored when you get an email asking for your advice or input.

An email list if all of that but SO much more! It is a personal email to your biggest fans. It is golden when someone gives you their name and email in exchange for something free. Your subscribers are the ones that tell others about you and basically brag about how awesome you are.

I am so touched every time a reader emails me and tell me their whole life story! I love hearing about the struggles and joyful moments of my readers.

Don’t you want to connect with your readers on more of a personal level? Having an email list will do that! 

Email Crushes Social Media

Your first thought once you start blogging is to build your social media. And that is good not email is always better. Why?

If for some reason Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. crash you have no way to reach out to people! This is why having a list is important! because you own your email list. I panicked one day when I went to log in to my Pinterest and it said I was banned!

My heart rate shot through the roof! Luckily I got my account back within a few hours but I was PANICKING! So yes, growing your social media accounts is important to help build your brand and credibility but you don’t get to connect with your fans on a personal level.

Your subscribers are important to bloggers. And when a subscriber opens your email it’s a great mini win.

Did you know that email converts better than any other medium? 

Yup, it’s true! Check out this statistic below comparing Email, Facebook, and Twitter.

CRAZY huh? If you are interested in making money on your blog build your email list.

Maybe you want to write an ebook, create a course, or even do affiliate marketing having an email list is the way to go. Whether it’s digital product or not. From the image above you can see that email has the highest conversion. Why?

Email is personal and people sign up to an email list for a purpose. When you are personable, transparent, fun and friendly with your subscribers, they will start buying from you and stay with you!

If you are wanting to start an email list, I would start sooner than later! The earlier you start the better chance you have to monetize your site and connect with your readers.

Now the question is…How do I even start building an email list?

Sign up for ConvertKit 

ConvertKit is amazing! I call it the email service for bloggers. You can use ConvertKit FREE for 1 month to grow your email list. ConvertKit makes it easy to gain subscribers quickly.

Don’t think you can gain your email list fast? My list continues to grow daily and I will show you how below!

If you are not techy you are in luck! ConvertKit has no tech involved. It is the BEST friendly user email service. Wanna be a mompreneur? the best way to start it to use ConvertKit.

Automation is easy and simple!

You don’t need to pay twice for subscribers! (If you get a reader to subscribe to two or more of your opt-ins) You can also tag your subscribers which makes it easy to organize and engage with your fans!

You can segment your list! If you want to send a freebie to only half your list you can easily do that by using tags!

You can make simple, easy and great looking opt-in forms and add them to your blog in minutes!

Trigger links are the bomb dot com! if you are selling a course, tool, or PDF you can use triggers so that if your reader still wants to subscribe to your email list but don’t want your course they can opt out of the course!

Trigger links also limit your unsubscribe numbers. So you are most likely to have your subscribers stay with you for a L…O…N…G time!

1. Create A Form

A form is a place for your readers to sign up for your email list. These forms can be placed in your sidebar, the bottom of your posts, pop-ups etc. There are three forms that you can choose inside of ConvertKit.

One of my favorite things about ConvertKit is that these forms are fully customizable! You can customize them to match your brand and colors.

2. Broadcast 

ConvertKit calls newsletters broadcasts. They are important to inform your email list your newest posts, giveaways, or an amazing blog post on another blog you want to share. It is up to you how many times a week you send a broadcast.

I send a broadcast once a week to my list:)

* One of my favorite features is that you can re-send your broadcast emails! Doing this can increase your open rates.

* With ConvertKit you can easily personalize your broadcast with your subscriber’s name. If they put their name, no problem! You can set a fallback message for those subscribers.

Your email list is not for you to sell to all the time. Your list is for you to be able to have a deeper connection with your fans! (then sell on the side)

3. Create A Sequence 

A sequence is a series of automated emails. That means that you are sending the emails they are automatically being sent to your list. I use ConvertKit’s sequences for my welcome email series. Having a welcome email series is a great way to introduce new people to your list and yourself!

You can also use an email sequence to set up your free email course or your sales funnel.

Wanna know a secret? ConvertKit gives you prompts for each day of your sequence!

ConvertKit says that on day 4 you should send a soft sale email and on day 6 a hard sell. If you want to welcome your new subscribers with introducing them to your product ConvertKit makes it super simple to do!

Plus if you are new to email marketing this is a great templet for new bloggers!

4. Tags, Automation And Triggers 

ConvertKit has the BEST tagging and automation system. With these two features, your blog can turn into a business! This is the beginning of email marketing, and what can help monetize your blog. Which means you will make MORE moneies and have a more targeted email list!

Triggers – You set triggers if a subscriber completes a sequence. Then you set the action to the subscriber is tagged to.

Automation– We have already covered, but automation is an email series that sends automatically. Like your welcome series!

Tagging– This helps to categorize your subscribers. Also, tagging helps to keep your list clean which is amazing when you have hundreds even thousands of subscribers!

Ready to grow your list? 

ConcertKit can make growing your email list FAST and EASY for you momma! The platform is so easy that your children could even do it. As moms we have very little time so anything with will save us more time is a no-brainer. WIth ConvertKit’s automation system makes it easy to grow your blog!

You can get ConvertKit FREE for one month. Give it a try I promise you’ll love it!

Tell me in the comments below if you are excited to use ConvertKit!